What is Ultra Sync?

Ultra Sync is a LIVE experience that literally connects the heart and emotions of fans with the players and each other.
UltraSync gets fans ‘in sync’ and makes them a part of a unique, collective and uplifting experience and at the same time displays their support to the team.
All fans connect to each other via an app on their phones, they press their finger to the camera and the app detects their level of ‘sync’. The fans’ collective sync is collated instantly and shown in LIVE colourful, light display over the stadium to the players and each other. Yes, now you can show your team how much you love them! And beyond the connection there is your contribution and the collective contribution to make the world a little better: Every Ultra Sync session is set to create a positive impact via a charity organization.

Ultra Sync Mission

Ultra Sync’s mission is to harness the power of fans globally, to literally bring the “heart into the game.” It’s our mission to show fans that they belong and they matter because together they actively support their favorite players and team and help improve team chemistry and performance. Ultra Sync’s grander vision is to provide a platform for people to connect and direct their intentions for good. It’s a new way of being and creating together.