Ultra Sync offers the first free global platform. Being present during all the largest events on the planet is changing the philantropy landscape. It’s a new way of being together and give

A New Platform for Philantropy


A free platform

Ultra Sync provides a new completely free platform for charitable organizations. Our vision is to make sport and large event the #1 place for giving. Small or large philantropic organizations can be associated to planetary events, no matter if they are partner with the club, franchise or organizer.

10 cents 

The level of sync between fans is converted into a donation provided by the sponsor event and each fan can give more if they want to. It’s only 10 cents per fan but the large audience creates a big impact!

Sport, music, social and immersive events

Because Ultra Sync is available during large audience events it’s an entire new space for philantropic actions where the fans, the experience and the impact are one. The small organizations can reach larger audience, the big one can add a new dimension to their philantropic actions. 

The power of many

For each event the total impact varies with the number of fans and their collective sync. For a Premier League game for instance, it’s up to $10,000 given; for a NFL game it’s $100,000 given to the charity organization. 

Planetary event, planetary impact

During the Football World Cup, only one of the top 10 games can bring $300,000. The World Cup Final alone has a potential of $5M impact. For the Super Bowl it’s $1M.