Oneness Experience

What is Ultra Sync

Ultra Sync is a LIVE experience that literally connects the heart and emotions of fans with the players and each other. UltraSync gets fans ‘in sync’ and makes them a part of a unique, collective and uplifting experience and at the same time displays their support to the team. All fans connect to each other via an app on their phones, they press their finger to the camera, then the app combines the heart rate variability in order to provide their level of ‘sync’. The fans’ collective sync is collated instantly and shown in LIVE colourful, light display over the stadium to the players and each other. Yes, now you can show your team how much you love them! Beyond the connection there is your contribution and the collective contribution to make the world better: Every Ultra Sync session is set to create a positive impact via a charity organization.

Our mission

Our mission is simply to empower people to transform themselves and transform the planet.

Ultra Sync’s mission is to harness the power of fans globally, to literally bring the “heart into the game.” It’s our mission to show fans that they belong and they matter because together they actively support their favorite players and team and help improve team chemistry and performance. Ultra Sync’s grander vision is to provide the #1 platform for people to connect and direct their intentions for good. It’s a new way of being and creating together.
Oneness, Belonging and Meaning

Our solution to fan engagement

Ultra Sync is a ultimate solution to fan engagement. It holds the solution to acquiring new fans and retaining existing ones. Ultra Sync ensures that fans have a positive, entertaining and meaningful experience when interacting with each other, with the team and the game.

Until now, fan interacted with the club in several ways: email, memberships, meeting with players, buying a ticket or merchandise on match day. Fans use all these different experiences to develop their level of loyalty to the club. But the strongest interaction of all is a true sense of belonging.
We believe that if fans really knew and saw that their support, cheering and encouragement really mattered – then they would not only be more deeply engaged but they would know they made a difference. We make loyalty a matter of emotions, belonging, and meaning.

Planetary signature

Our goal is to merge in-game (in the stadium) and out of game fan influences and impact. Until now the interaction is indirect, and the experience is clustered. We make it direct, active, instant and visible for the fans and the teams. In the city, in the country, in the world, in the stadium, or on the field – the activation is direct; the team can see it. Hence the natural presence of Ultra Sync during major planetary events like the football (soccer) World Cup, the Super Bowl or the Olympics.

Oneness, Influence, Selflessness

Three levels to change to world

Level 1: Fans get a text to connect; then after deep breathing and focused intention, we display the global connection both on the app and in the sport arena. You can see it – goosebumps! You can feel it!

Level 2: It’s about the influence of the fans on the players and team. Every fan counts. Your presence and intention really matter. Level 3: Ultra Sync partners with selected charity foundations to support a cause greater than competition and sport. For Ultra Sync, sport is the door to raise consciousness and create together a more selfless world.
New space for ads and sponsors


Ultra Sync will reshape how advertisers can effectively engage with fans. Our goal is to attract meaningful contributors which prioritise a global, selfless vision. There are three levels available for sponsors to reach the fans: 1) mobile 2) venue and 3) media/TV. We create a new space before and during the game, with or without the collaboration of the major media and agencies covering the event.

Ultra Sync will structure individual and selective financial arrangements for sponsors, with 3 levels of pricing. The options for this advertising will depend on the scale of the event, the number of fans, and the media coverage. With or without the major media or agencies, Ultra Sync experience will always be available for the fans.

Optimizing sponsorship: Ultra Sync creates a new window capturing fans’ attention therefore opening new avenues for brands, sponsors, leagues and clubs. To integrate Ultra Sync into the game experience is not only to engage the audience and share it on any media platform. Because of the state of higher receptivity, your brand message will always hit the spot during collective sync time. You will reach fans globally and know their real engagement.

Changing the game

Fans are the experience

“Fans don’t want to just watch. They want to change the outcome” – Digital Trends in Sport, Jan 2020, Seven League

“Younger audiences have a different relationship with content: they expect to participate in or alongside it. Interactivity heightens engagement which is important for all content makers in the attention economy, not least sponsor brands. We expect to see more sports formats and content spin-offs that allow fans to take part, to play a role in the experience and sometimes even the outcome of the content.” – Digital Trends in Sport, Jan 2020, Seven League
Light, Heart, Sync

Why we use mobiles

Photoplethysmography (PPG) is a technology that allows HRV to be measured simply via mobile phone. PPG is measured via reflection through the illumination of the skin using an LED (e.g. the mobile’s flash) and through detection of the amount of light that is reflected by a photodetector or a camera located next to the light source.

From the Heart Rate Variability signal we provide Ultra Sync which is a measurement of synchronization between people.

Ultra Sync



“I think it’s fundamentally important we ask ourselves the question which is at the core of everything we are doing, which is: what does the fan want?” – Christian Volk, Director of gaming and eFootball at FIFA

Intense and Powerful Experience

4 keys to meaningful live experiences

Fueling the feeling of oneness we take people home. We just grab a little glimpse of the ever present human connection and display it via light and music. The goal, creating a momentum, reminding people their true nature and how amazing we are when we are together. Ultra Sync experience fulfils the 4 emotional need states at the heart of meaningful live events: Belonging, Identity, Enrichment, Release Source: GMR ‘Music+Memories’, 2018, gmrmarketing.com

Why Ultra Sync


Belonging refers to the acceptance as a natural member of a group with common tangible and intangible interests. During Ultra Sync, it’s a unifying mindset, a shared feeling, and also a common support system that emerges in the event setting.  Of course belonging is driver of tribalism recognized as the dominant force for sport attendance, but beyond tribalism there is the deep search for the ever present, natural state of oneness. Everyday life often takes us away, Ultra Sync takes us back home!

Why Ultra Sync


The universal qualities, beliefs and values emerging from Ultra Sync experience make you and the collective unique. Identity refers here to the feeling of being different after having experienced something special. Identity is fueld from a shared oneness experience. It’s really about living fully our individuality via our senses in the universal big picture of wholeness of mind and spirit.

Why Ultra Sync


The growth that comes from digging in deep on a vertical, discovering or rediscovering the feeling of oneness, learning something new about ourselves, individually and collectively.

Novelty and surprise are no doubt the number one factors in the first Ultra Sync experience. Then it’s about awareness, knowledge and personal growth. Because of the combination of tech, art and consciousness, Ultra Sync is definitively also about creativity and experimentation.
Why Ultra Sync


The escape from daily life, using experiences to help cope with  social pressure. Attraction to be connected to other fans, the simple fun to feel oneness and just being present and in the moment are all forms of release triggered by Ultra Sync experience.

Ultra Sync from home

Yes. You no longer have to be at the game for your support to count. That’s one of the new and exciting features of Ultra Sync. It’s global; and no matter where you are – at home, in the street, following the game in a cafe, overseas, or at the airport waiting – you can connect via your mobile app with all the fans and contribute actively to show your support to your favourite team.

Short format, big impact

Ultra Sync is a very short and intense experience – 1min format. Immediacy and intensity are the keys to mark the moment. During the experience we bring the best of science, tech, music and arts to guide the fans to higher level of consciousness. Our goal: being a catalyst to make the fans feel the transformative feeling of oneness. Then, we transform the game and create huge impact.


The pulse of the planet

There is a huge, totally untaped potential in the simultaneous focused attention for good of millions of people. Ultra Sync is a global experience. A record audience of more than 3.5 billion people watched the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The global TV audience for the 64-game tournament in Russia averaged about 190 million per game! The 2022 edition of World Cup held in Qatar will probably reach a bigger audience. On a daily base, the Premier League is carried by 80 broadcasters in more than 200 territories worldwide, and an average game is watched by over 12 million people! Ultra Sync will be a catalyst to unify sport fans. At the same time, we will expand the experience to music, entertainment and social events – for a better world.


A new platform for charity organizations

All of the major sponsors already contribute to charity (Walmart donated 1.4B in 2019, Amazon 2B). Clubs and franchises have charity foundation and partners. For instance the Premier League football it’s 20 teams giving over $70M (2018). The biggest audience for major sport leagues are in US and UK which happen to be in the top 10 of the most giving countries (Charities Aid Foundation, 2019) Ultra Sync offer a new platform for charity organizations – for free. Being associated with large audience, it is a better visibility, therefor greater impact. We really optimize the opportunity in very large numbers: only 10 cents per user will create big impacts.

Oneness is the meaning

Bringing meaning

“Fans have always been the engine driving the industry. As such, fan audiences have also been hotly contested across sports, as capturing and retaining fans has been seen as the primary way to survive in a continuously growing and evolving industry.” – Sport Innovation Lab, A New Age of Sport, 2019 We don’t believe in fluid fans. We believe they become fluid because of the current emergence of new products and other fields of interest, but the major factor creating the illusion of ‘fluid fans’ is the lack of meaning and belonging. It is often stated that fans are changing. In their 2019 report, the Sport Innovation Lab stated: “We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in the sports industry, in which our core consumer is changing fundamentally.” A change attributed to the rapid evolution of technology, and how cultures are making sense of these new modes of interaction. Of course, because of the advances in technology, fans have different expectations. No doubts that technology is influencing fans’ behavior and changing their expectations. However, there is no evidence showing that fans have changed fundamentally, physiologically. What has changed is the nature and diversity of the offer – not the fan. That is a huge point. What if the fan didn’t want to be fluid? What if the fan wants a little bit more meaning?

Fans, players, emotions

Loyal fans

To build a strong fan base Ultra Sync draws on three pillars:

1) The fans Ultra Sync builds on regularity. The high occurrence of games in all major leagues (US and Europe) allows fans to access live content on a regular basis. 2) The players Together with the clubs and franchises, we will involve the players to help build the overall Ultra Sync experience. 3) The emotions Ultra Sync’s culture of meaning means an intense focus on audiences’s emotions. A platform built on the pillars of deep connection and meaning will certainly pave a path for itself in the apparently volatile world of live sport.
Fan influence and Team Chemistry

Channelling home advantage

“The next step in analytics will be how to build chemistry,” – Phil Jackson “In our digital-first world, it is all too easy to forget to create engaging environments where fans can come to the stadium, interact with the players, experience the brand that is their favorite team and not solely interact with them on social media” – Al Guido, President @San Francisco 49s

Fan Influence


In Esport, fans are not fluid. They are loyal, and stick to the same game. There is a real community. Esport fans also don’t like brands and ads interfering with their experience. That’s why Ultra Sync has a great future in eSports. In football (soccer), NFL or NBA gaming continues to be a great platform for millions of fans to deepen their engagement with their sport. League of Legends is the most-watched esport in the world – totaling about 350 million live hours in 2018 on Twitch and YouTube Gaming (source: gaming analytics firm Newzoo). In a fast-reactive competition, players want to be focused, fast and make the right decisions. Ultra Sync will bring this high-performance state. The difference with sport, is that in Esports, Ultra Sync can be integrated directly into the game. Ultra Sync level will add extra lives, power, or energy for instance – the player will benefit directly from his fans. That’s a direct interaction. The fans are literally part of the game.


Second screening

Second-screening is a big deal. The vast majority (92%) of Premier League fans reach for other devices while watching TV, and it’s the smartphone which is the clear favorite here (81%) (GlobalWebindex, Q3 2018). They message friends, use social media, read email or the news. Until now the second screen is taking fans away from what’s happening on the main screen, therefore a huge competitor to advertising brands for the attention of fans.

How can advertisers and brands reach fans as they move their attention from the main screen to the second one? We see the problem differently: How to take the fans’ eyes away from the second screen and be sure they are going to watch what’s happening in the sport arena?The study shows there are 17% of the fans directly interacting with the content of the TV show. Facebook also found that 19% of people who watched at least one minute of its coverage of Spanish soccer’s top flight took part in a poll (SportsPro, June 2019).Hence, at Ultra Sync we think the second screening offers a huge opportunity to enhance fan engagement as they will connect to each other through their mobiles, and turn their attention back to the game, on TV, or digital platform, just to see the collective result.

Smart venues

Finding new way to enhance the fan experience is the number one question in the current dynamics of the sport, media and marketing world (see the article by Deloitte, ‘Redesigning stadium for better fan experience, 2019’). Ultra Sync brings a solution no-one has envisaged yet. In addition, the new venues providing 5G network will help achieving instant feedback of global collective sync. Ultra Sync live experience is designed to be fast, intense, and sensorial. The future addition of VR experience, either in-stadium or at home during the Ultra Sync time will need the support of fast networks. Other solutions are also emerging such as the bluetooth to bluetooth connection provided by Nodle.io

Leading the way

USA market

“The NBA will continue looking at how to enhance their product. This could potentially include examining whether to add new viewing experiences where content is augmented with greater choice over data and related visualization.” – Forbes, Jan. 2019 NBA and NFL are turning to tech to draw in fans (see CNBC article, 2019). Ultra Sync has a great future in USA. In NBA attendance for regular season games reaches 22 million and the average attendance per game is about 18,000. The NBA’s streaming provider League Pass, gives fans access to watch out-of-market games, is growing fast its subscriber count (+63% between 2017 and 2018). The growth of NBA League Pass has opened up the game to fans in a completely new way. The ability to watch any game live, means that fans can experience the NBA wherever they live and it’s available in more than 200 countries! Viewership of NFL games on digital platforms has jumped 65% between 2017 and 2018. The average minute audience was 326,000 viewers per game window across different platforms with some games over 800,000 viewers coming from digital streaming across Amazon Prime Video, Twitch, the NFL’s digital platforms, Fox Sports’ digital platforms and Yahoo Sports.

Asia market

Ultra Sync has a bright future in Asia. The 2018 football (soccer) World Cup coverage reached around 1.6 billion individuals in Asia, with more than 650 million viewers (about 20 percent of the global total) in China (not even qualified for the competition). Still in China, the 2017 NBA Finals attracted nearly 200 million viewers on mobile alone. In India, the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 cricket cup was watched by an estimated 730 million viewers.

Ultra Sync League

Ultra Sync League will be a competition between fans of the clubs or franchises. Because any club can show greater support and generosity than any other, and will do so regularly, this uncertainty of outcome will drive value.

Doing so, Ultra Sync experience will bring certain fundamentals that still remain the key to any global appeal in sport and that underpin not only media rights growth but also the dynamics that will maintain its advantage over other live experiences.
Consciousness, Creativity

The missing piece

Consciousness, connection and creativity are the three things that make us the animals that we are.” – James Hanusa, Digital Raign

Maybe the tech and media world forgot some of these key areas … We believe that the missing piece is a deeper level of connection. Fans are too often simply spectators. Ultra Sync’s goal is to make the fan feel he/she is the experience itself. Ultra Sync is an active experience. Knowing we are actually all connected. Knowing that there is a power of good in the universe and that we can use it, will be a unique and transformative experience. Sport, because it attrack such large audience, is our first door to connect and unify. Like everyone, fans are human beings in search of meaning and inner peace. We believe sport and social media can be one of the doors to higher consciousness. They key: the shared feeling of oneness.

We sync the world for good

We all sync for good! We make sport and other large events the #1 platform for good. Fueling the ever present universal connection and displaying its signature is the real, needed experience. From individual to collective, from self-centered to selflessness we open a new area in sport, music and social live experiences. Now you are the experience and always have a positive impact!

Unique Experience

Imagine …

You walk into a stadium and your phone immediately sends you a text message: “Let’s connect at 6.50pm” It’s your team, they’re preparing for the big game. They send out a message to all their fans to help boost, support and connect with them for a short but powerful moment. You tap the Ultra Sync logo and open the app.

10 minutes before the game, music begins, the lighting changes. Your favorite player appears on the screen in the arena and thanks you for being a part of something special. You put your finger on the mobile’s camera. He/she guides you for just a couple of deep group breaths. Then you choose which charity organisation will benefit from the Ultra Sync connection. The level and intensity of the fans’ deeper sync and emotional connection is collated instantly and displayed in the stadium: Bright light, sharper color and music. Just a one minute of intense experience. Beyond the shared feeling of oneness, the fans’ energy literally boosts the team and their collective sync is displayed around the stadium for all to see. You have goose bumps, the game can start! Then at specific moments during the game, you might be asked to connect only for a short time. A sort of ‘sync booster’ so the players can see your collective support, even if you’re far away. You know you really have an influence. Now, imagine Ultra Sync reaching up to hundred of million every week. Present in all major leagues in US and Europe, and during the world events: it’s billions of people getting together – to make the world a better place.

Our Symbol

‘Triquetra’ comes from the Latin for ‘three-cornered’ and although its exact origins are unknown, it has been found on Indian heritage sites that are over 5,000 years old. In Celtic mythology, knots symbolize the sacred geometry of the universe and the interconnectedness of all life in the universe. The continuous and indivisible arcs express eternity. The circle interlaced with the triquetra represents the bond between the three elements, it also signifies spiritual unity. This is a protection circle; something that cannot be broken. The triquetra represents the union of three things:

Past, Present, Future
Life, Death, Rebirth
Individual, Collective, Noosphere
Mind, Body, Soul
Earth, Air, Water
Fans, Team, Energy

The new dimension of immersive experiences

In the future, used together with immersive media, Ultra Sync will give fans new live experiences. New technologies like VR technology are opening up new possibilities for vivid and active events. Being able to be far away and feel the see and feel the connection with all the fans and the team is new and very powerful. Imagine the fan wearing VR glasses, immersed in the sport arena. But imagine also the fans and even the players wearing gears like the NeoSensory that enable to feel the intensity of the support. The team will be able to feel the support of their fans! It will take the entire sport experience to a new level.