New experience

Ultra Sync is a completely new experience where the fans are individually and collectively active for a higher purpose. Through the combination of technology, arts, media and music we guide the fans into a different state of consciousness and higher sync. A contagious feeling of oneness comes by seeing and feeling the connection and also from the collective contribution to make the world better.


Ultra Sync is a connection experience. Seeing and feeling the global connection and its global impact is a trigger for the universal feeling of oneness. Sharing the moment for a great purpose, feeling the power of many is one of the  greatest driver for live experience.


Being part of Ultra Sync experience is creating a shared feeling of oneness. This intense moment is a new way to be together for good that goes beyond the nature of the event. Sport, music, social or immersive event, oneness is always accessible. Ultra Sync is a catalyst for the fans to feel they belong.


Ultra Sync’s magic lies in the wholeness of the experience. It’s at the same time a collective and an individual experience. Collective because of the global contribution and group feedback. Individual because each fan benefit from the experience, especially in term of wellbeing and inner-growth.


Together in sync to give and make the world better is a great way to enrich the fan’s life. Being part of their favorite sport and at the same time changing themselves and the world is enrichment. Ultra Sync is vertical transformation. From the ground to the mind and beyond. A new era in live events.


Every time we touch our true nature our life takes a new dimension. Ultra Sync opens a new field where the fans feel free, drop stress and worries. Giving their heart for their team and others, sharing a meaningful experience provide the most needed release in our busy everyday lives.

Ultra Sync League

Who are the best fans? The most generous and focused? The most together? Ultra Sync League is a competition between fans of the same league. There is also a game to win, but this one is out-of the field!

Home advantage

Ultra Sync builds on the real fan influence. No matter where they are, the fans affect the team. Ultra Sync channel and display this amazing effect. The home advantage takes a new dimension and it’s vast new open field for fan’s intentions and creativity.