Live events

Ultra Sync Experience during live events 

A new engagement service built on fan emotion and connection offering a new space for brands and sponsors.

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Display Unity and Emotions

Use mobile, in-venue screens, or embeded into TV broadcast


Integrate Ultra Sync in your own event app or website. No extra app to join!

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In venue screens

Display the Ultra Sync moment  page on your in-venue screens to give the fans and the teams an unique feeling of connection.

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TV broadcast

Integrate Ultra Sync in the TV broadcast and invite fans to join and show their support.

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Ultra Sync Experience for all

Beyond sport, Ultra Sync creates memories during any live events


Connect and display fan emotions before and during the games


Measure and integrate fan emotions into the game to make the fans change the outcome


Display the instant emotions and add a new collective dimension to the concert


Social event are great emotion builders. Use Ultra Sync to catalyse and amplify the message