New Monetization Space

A new monetization space 

Increase ads and sponsorship sales

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Activate sponsor and brand messages

Integrate logo, images and videos into Ultra Sync

– Upload logo and ads in Ultra Sync
– Link sponsor to charity donation
– New sponsor and brand exposure during live events

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Activation of sponsors and brands

Add logos and ads into Ultra Sync which offer an unique exposure during a high receptivity state.


Measure the emotional response to sponsor and brand ads and content.


Integrate Ultra Sync into your app, broadcast or live stream to offer a new feature to your event.


Customize Ultra Sync with your colors and your sponsor.

Three levels of sponsorship

Ultra Sync provides a new space for ads on Mobile, In-venue Screens, and Broadcast

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High audience receptivity

Ultra Sync takes fans to a high receptive state of consciousness characterized by a feeling of oneness and better known as flow. 

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