New ad space & Positive presence

Ultra Sync platform provides brands and sponsors a unique multilevel platform. Mobile, in venue and media, it’s three different ways to reach active fans globally and at the same time build a positive presence during live events.

A new experience

Ultra Sync is a completely new experience for the fans. Sponsors powering the sync session are part of a meaningful and powerful moment where fans shared something very special touching to our very nature as human being. 

High fan receptivity

Ultra Sync combines the best of tech, music, and neuroscience to guide the fans into a different state of consciousness characterized by a feeling of oneness. In this state the fans are more receptive, open and creative. This zone is the holy graal for many; we prepare the ground for you!

Three levels of sponsorship

There are three levels of activation for the sponsor. 
Depending on the nature and size of the event Ultra Sync is displayed on the mobile only, in the venue and on tv/media. The pricing of Ultra Sync service is based on these three levels.


The values carried and promoted by Ultra Sync are selflessness, generosity, kindness, love, support and creativity. The sponsors values and intentions are very important to us and must be aligned with our vision to make sport and large events the #1 for philantropic actions.