Ultra Sync

Belonging – Meaning

Real audience engagement

Ultra Sync is the ultimate solution to fan engagement. You will acquire new fans and retain existing ones. Fans have a positive, entertaining and meaningful experience when interacting with each other, the team and the game.

Home + In-Venue

Ultra Sync merges in-venue and home fan influences. Until now the interaction is indirect, and the experience is clustered. We make it direct, active, instant and visible for the fans and the teams.

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Ultra Sync holds the 4 keys to meaningful live experience

Fueling the feeling of oneness we take people home. We just grab a little glimpse of the ever present human connection and display it via light and music. The goal, creating a momentum, reminding people how amazing we are when we are together. Ultra Sync experience fulfils the 4 emotional need states at the heart of meaningful live events: Belonging, Identity, Enrichment, Release


Belonging refers to the acceptance as a natural member of a group with common tangible and intangible interests. During Ultra Sync, it’s a unifying mindset, a shared feeling, and also a common support system that emerges in the event setting. Of course belonging is driver of tribalism recognized as the dominant force for sport attendance, but beyond tribalism there is the deep search for the ever present, natural state of oneness. Everyday life often takes us away, Ultra Sync takes us back home!


The universal qualities, beliefs and values emerging from Ultra Sync experience make you and the collective unique. Identity refers here to the feeling of being different after having experienced something special. Identity is fueld from a shared oneness experience. It’s really about living fully our individuality via our senses in the universal big picture of wholeness of mind and spirit.


The growth that comes from digging in deep on a vertical, discovering or rediscovering the feeling of oneness, learning something new about ourselves, individually and collectively.
Novelty and surprise are no doubt the number one factors in the first Ultra Sync experience. Then it’s about awareness, knowledge and personal growth. Because of the combination of tech, art and consciousness, Ultra Sync is definitively also about creativity and experimentation.


The escape from daily life, using experiences to help cope with social pressure. Attraction to be connected to other fans, the simple fun to feel oneness and just being present and in the moment are all forms of release triggered by Ultra Sync experience.

Ultra Sync Symbol

‘Triquetra’ comes from the Latin for ‘three-cornered’ and although its exact origins are unknown, it has been found on Indian heritage sites that are over 5,000 years old. In Celtic mythology, knots symbolize the sacred geometry of the universe and the interconnectedness of all life in the universe. The continuous and indivisible arcs express eternity. The circle interlaced with the triquetra represents the bond between the three elements, it also signifies spiritual unity. This is a protection circle; something that cannot be broken. The triquetra represents the union of three things such as Individual, Team, Community or Past, Present and Future.